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Re: stealth and block-policy

On Sat, 2 Oct 2004 11:57:17 +0200, messmate wrote:
>a sudo pfctl -sr | grep block give me 
>indeed the 'block drop' as default.
>1. But a check on
>give me only 'closed' as result of the ports state.
>Why not 'stealth' ??
>2. seems a 'set block-policy drop' is a syntax error ??
>Any advice is welcome.
Why would you think grc knew anything?
Steve Gibson is out to boost his own overgrown ego even further.
If he is so smart why has he never had a paper published by a
recognised security authority?
His background in the PC industry is about disk formatting to optomise
read speed. Back when picking the right sector interleave factor
actually worked. That's obsolete now - so is he.
If you want to see some other opinions and links to analyses of his
vapid opinions find a site called GRCsucks dot com. There are links to
serious commentators analysing his messages.
Keep mentioning him here as though he knows anything worthwhile and
you'll see less and less polite answers as you persist.
The above comments are only my opinion but I bet you find they are not
solely my opinion, if you understand the difference.........
Me...a skeptic?  I trust you have proof.
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