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Re: More Ident nonsense

[email protected] ([email protected]) wrote:
> 2) If this port is- and forget critical, how about "occasionally"
>  nessessary for irc is it the case that the legion number of
>  mIRC clients out there, windows code btw, ports auth client
>  functioning?
Most windows IRC clients implement RFC 1413 themselves.  Since end-user
processes basically run with full privileges on Windows, they can do
that (listen on port 113).  Unix IRC clients can't, so a separate ident
daemon is usually employed.
I don't understand what the debate is.  Run ident, or don't.  If you
run an ident daemon, you get to pick which one.  If not, you get to
pick whether you drop packets or send back rejections.
If you just want more examples of MTAs doing ident lookups, I can
point you at tcpserver (which is typically used to run qmail-smtpd).
That does ident lookups *by default* on all connections it accepts.
When new qmail administrators have trouble of the form "my client takes
FOREVER to {send mail,connect to the POP service}", the first thing we
tell them to do is turn off PTR and ident lookups in their tcpserver
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