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Re: FTP clients behind PF can connect to ftp serves but cannot list files why?

On Wed, 29 Sep 2004 07:32:07 -0400, Jason Dixon <[email protected]> wrote:
> As pleasant as you are Siju, it's quickly becoming apparent that you
> lack necessary training for becoming a qualified Systems Administrator.
Very True! but Jason by the Grace of God, with alot of hardwork and
help from great guys like you I'll also one day become as good as you
guys are.
Thanks a lot for all the help and replies.
> Of course, should you neglect to follow my advice, you should at least
> run the following from your terminal and watch as you attempt your ftp
> sessions.  This assumes that you're logging and pflog0 is up.  Basic
> troubleshooting skills like this are necessary for becoming part of the
> OpenBSD community.
> tcpdump -nettti pflog0
 Thanks a lot Jason, Let me try that!
Take care
God blessyou