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Re: More Ident nonsense

Daniel Hartmeier writes:
Oh, it's most certainly in use with sendmail that ships with OpenBSD 3.5
and 3.6 (and it's certainly not an OpenBSD-specific extension).
Here's an example I just sent to [email protected]:

Ok, here's what I base my experience on:
(as for the network packets you show it in use, I've not seen
similar on my set ups, but I'll certainly agree the code
appears to be active and sending packets around)
1) the auth port is blocked as a matter of policy routinely on
every site I've ever worked, I'm fairly sure, this and a host
of other unneeded ports, and I've never had an mta xfer
failure that was attributable, even indirectly, to the auth
port being blocked.
2) If this port is- and forget critical, how about "occasionally"
nessessary for irc is it the case that the legion number of
mIRC clients out there, windows code btw, ports auth client
3) If it is the case that irc uses the auth protocol server to server,
which seems to go against the way it is described in its rfc as
I read it, but suppose it does, again, its blocked in every case
I can think of in my reckoning.
I undersand that porting will carry the protocol around with from
place to place, but- where is it absolutely nessessary? From
where I'm sitting, I can't see it.