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Re: squid in other route

On Sat, 25 Sep 2004 13:41:40 -0300, Gustavo <[email protected]> wrote:
> I have a OpenBSD 3.5 with 3 external interfaces (WAN) and with squid
> twirling.
Can anybody translate "squid twirling" ?
> xl0 -> 200.x.x.x (default route)
> rl0 -> (dsl)
> rl1 -> (dsl)
> He would like to make squid to leave for the interface rl1 the same
> being that this twirling in this exactly gateway with default route xl0.
> how I could implement some soluction for this?
Just a shot in the dark:
If a TCP request comes in to the IP address of interface rl0, you can
force reply packets for that same session to always be routed back out
through rl0 by using "reply-to", e.g:
     pass in quick on rl0 reply-to rl0  proto TCP from any to any port
3128 flags S/SA  keep state
This won't have any effect on the connections that Squid initiates
outbound to get objects requested by clients, but will ensure that the
return packets for a TCP session that comes in on rl0 for TCP/3128 go
back out on rl0, regardless of the route table.