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RE: OpenBSD PF in the Enterprise?

Sounds like a valid option, but I am sure they would rather just
hire a hardcore microsoft person and then just use the cisco
support to fix whatever problems they have.

Someone should start a PF pay for support program =)
Take money and give management people the warm fuzzy feelings.

I wish I had read this post before I posted my last post.

Fernhill Technologies in Australia already have. :-)

And they are darned good at it too. I chose to go with Fernhill and openbsd despite being both cissp and ccse certified. The only downtime we've had in our firewalls was when a powersupply died in one prior to Carp goodness.

They really know their stuff, are willing to work whenever is required and charge very reasonably rates for their services. It is a pity they aren't a multinational like DiData.



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