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Re: OpenBSD PF in the Enterprise?

On Sep 23, 2004, at 9:29 AM, Michael Clark wrote:

If I was not here they would have no one to work on it.

Awesome logic. Why does the company do anything at all, then?

Well, it can be a telling point. For my part, I alleviated my Managing Director's concerns about implementing OBSD + pf (instead of the checkpoint boxes he'd just signed off on the week before I was employed) when I found a third party willing to offer a maintenance contract on them.

He looked at the figures ($300 per month maintenance, which includes one upgrade per year, or more if significant benefits are involved in the latest release, and an initial set up cost of ~$2000 for the hardware and setup for OpenBSD as against well in excess of $70k upfront and $6k per quarter for maintenance for the checkpoint solution)... He decided that he liked my idea. <shameless plug> If you are living anywhere in Australia, I cannot recommend the company I use highly enough - http://fernhilltec.com.au </shameless plug>

Using a third party for this role means that you have someone to point a finger at, it doesn't matter if the only person in the company familiar with OpenBSD and pf decides that they are going to run off with the faeries, you get to speak with guys who really know their stuff in terms of networking and security - it can be a real win win situation.


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