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Re: OpenBSD PF in the Enterprise?

On Thursday 23 September 2004 08:29, Michael Clark wrote:
> The service from cisco is very good. 
Given what one has to pay to get it, one would hope so.
> I think the major reason I do not currently have PF in my workplace is
> because I am the only person that can support it. ?If I was not here
> they would have no one to work on it.
They could hire someone else to support it. Most sysadmins with decent 
levels of clue and Unix knowledge can probably learn to support OpenBSD 
PF reasonably well. They don't even necessarily have to know vi since 
OpenBSD has mg.
> With the cisco support any one that can type can eventually get a
> router or firewall fixed.
Couldn't the same be said of OpenBSD as well, given the wealth of 
documentation available? Theoretically, anyway.
Shawn K. Quinn