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Re: OpenBSD PF in the Enterprise?

I have always stressed to Clients the ease of configuration,
management, of course the security of OpenBSD, combined with the power
PF  beats PIX and CP out the water. Although some hardcore commerical
junkies are simply in self-denial or maybe job security?:-)
On Mon, 20 Sep 2004 14:29:05 -0400 (EDT), Rick Aliwalas <[email protected]> wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, M Raju wrote:
> > I have been having trouble convincing some suits aka Management for a
> > 1500+ employee company to migrate from Checkpoint to PF. Taking into
> > fact that the company is the process of "debt-restructuring" aka
> > chapter 11, cost-cutting is vital for all IT needs. Hence, I am
> > putting in a case switch to PF.
> >
> > Anyone running OpenBSD PF as the primary firewall for large mid-large
> > orgranizations? If so what type of hardware, setup, etc. Just
> > curious..
> The company I work for has many FreeBSD/OpenBSD servers in production.
> Last July, we went live with our first OpenBSD/CARP firewall pair.  I
> installed a late snapshot of 3.5 on a pair of Dell 1750's and it went
> without a hitch.  I'm currently building 3 more pairs for another
> project.
> I feel your pain.  We run a big portion of our infrastructure on BSD
> and always have to defend it.  In your justification, be sure to
> highlight the merits of OpenBSD/pf.  No one uses OpenBSD because it
> is free.  They use it because it works.  In terms of stability,
> flexibility, security, ease of administration and management it works
> far better than our PIX's and Checkpoints - at least in our environment.
> -rick
May the packets be with you.