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NAT problem - I can see into network

Hello [email protected]
I am having a slight problem with NAT. I just did a firewall scan on
http://www.auditmypc.com/freescan/scanoptions.asp & was a little shocked
that it can see beyond my firewall.
Anayway, excerpt from my pf.conf:
ext_if = "tun0"
int_if = "vr1"
nat on $ext_if inet \
        from $int_if:network \
        to any \
        -> ($ext_if) static-port sticky-address
Maybe I missed the point after reading Jacek Artymiak's book?!
Anyway, if need/want to see the full pf.conf it is here:
http://www.astc08.dsl.pipex.com/pf/pf.conf - still a work in progress, lol.
Another thing: how come you cannot do a tagged list? eg.
tagged { TAG_ONE, TAG_TWO }
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