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PF without NAT : filtering, but leaving IP address the same

All the PF examples and even Jacek's book seem to assume you want to
do NAT : the small-office setup : the one public IP and many
192.168.0.__ IPs inside.
But how would PF be used as a router with many incoming IP addresses
and many receiving IP addresses?
Say I have incoming:  from to on a T1 connection.
One OpenBSD/PF machine is receiving that input on a single NIC card,
and wants to send out some traffic on another NIC card connected to a
switch like this:
incoming allow port 22,80,443 to go to internal
incoming allow port 22 to go to internal
incoming allow port 22,25,110 to go to internal
Can PF do this kind of filter-and-route without doing NAT?
If so, any URLs of examples?  I can only find examples with NAT.