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perceived strange behavior

I built an openbsd firewall for a group of people that I do some consulting for from time to time to go in an apartment building that serves about 150 - 175 college students. Overall the machine is doing a stellar job doing NAT as well as some basic priq QoS. The box is running vanilla 3.5, no custom kernel yet, no over the top hardware. Specs are p4 2.4ghz(I believe) intel mobo, rl chipset ethernet card and onboard fxp chipset card.
I'm seeing some strange behavior in one service though and I cannot seem to figure out why. Everything is working, as I said, except some users are unable to use AIM. Unfortunately I was unable to get any tcpdump information before they took the box offline, but from descriptions of the helpdesk people it only affects some people and I can find no pattern as to who. Has anyone seen similar behavior or am I looking in the wrong place. I saw no one else having similar issues when checking through the archives, and I know that probably the only way to tell is to get some traces from a user having issues, but I figured I'd ask.
I can provide as much information as needed if anyone wants it. If not, thanks for reading.