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Re: pf expiring states way too fast (2 hosts using carp+pfsync)

On Mon, Sep 06, 2004 at 06:23:28PM +0200, Per G?tterup wrote:
> Now the problem is that states never seem to live more than a few minutes 
> at the most (a few seconds tends to be the rule) even for active 
> connections. I see web-connections and ssh-connections being terminated 
> more or less randomly (and very fast - usually in seconds). The problem 
> seems to be concentrated on the internal interface (the one with the 8 
> subnets) but I'm not sure this is 100% true.
> Creating stateless rules shows that this problem is definately related to 
> states as everything works flawlessly (no disconnections) when the state 
> system is bypassed.
> Anyone clueful enough to know what is happening?
There was a bug in pfsync when using adaptive timeouts:
This has been fixed in -current, you might want to try that.