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Have I compiled ftpsesame wrong?

I have a Soekris 4501 using flashboot, http://www.mindrot.org/flashboot.html
I wanted to use ftpsesame to access internal ftp servers but couldn't get it working:
Session info:
# ftpsesame -d -D 7 -i sis0
listening on sis0, filter 'tcp and port 21', snaplen 500
#1 session init: client x.x.x.x:2513, server y.y.y.y:21
sessions after purging: 0
#2 session init: client x.x.x.x:2523, server y.y.y.y:21
sessions after purging: 1
#2 session finish
test pf.conf:
ext_if = "sis0"
block in on $ext_if all
block out on $ext_if all
pass in quick on $ext_if proto tcp from any to any port=21 flags S/SA keep state
anchor ftpsesame on $ext_if
I presume that my problem is that I have compiled ftpsesame on a different openbsd box (AMD + Openbsd 3.5) - is this correct?
Many Thanks,