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Re: Embedded Firewall

i think you don't need something so fast for this - so take a look at
http://www.soekris.com/ (works like a charm with openbsd)
best regards
Am Sa, den 10.07.2004 schrieb Gabriel Kuri um 4:58:
> I am currently looking at purchasing some embedded hardware to build a
> little firewall for my cable connection (3Mbps downstream/256Kbps up) to
> run pf, altq, IPsec (vpn endpoint), multiple vLANs, DHCP, and DNS.
> Currently, the plan is to initially load everything off the 256MB CF
> card into a couple MFS partitions.  I am currently looking at the
> following hardware specs and would appreciate any comments, more
> specifically with potential driver issues under OpenBSD.
> processor: Via C3 1GHz (Nehemiah core) w/ crypto support
> PCI chipset: Via CLE266 (VT8623 & VT8325)
> LAN chipset: Realtek RTL8100C/RTL8110S
> PCMCIA chipset: Ricoh R5C486 (two type II/III slots) - compatible with
> the Intel 82365SL register set
> memory: 512MB Crucial DDR 2100
> CompactFlash: 256MB Sandisk Ultra II CF card for storage
> if you really want the detail, the board I am looking at is the CV863A
> from Lex Systems (http://www.lex.com.tw)
> thanks...
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