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PFmanage version -10

Yes, version -10... it's that bare so far. But I thought I'd get some early input on the interface and what not so you guys can play with it all you want. I'll try working on this more than one day a week, whether work permits it or not ;)

I did go with suggestions to ditch Zope. Everything is done in pure Python now.

ToDo (for now):
1) Implement route-to in the rule parsing (notice these don't parse correctly if you edit them).
2) Finish off the queue parsing (these don't work yet either for editing)
3) Saving/Inserting new rules
4) Implementing definitions for interfaces.

The last one is puzzling me. I'm thinking of limiting definitions to only be allowed for interfaces, or if you want a def to appear on the interface list it has to start with $IF_<name>. Any other suggestions?

The samples on there are from my firewall, so don't hack me pls ;) Remember, I'm no expert on pf syntax, so feel free to correct me if I've made some incorrect reads on the BNF.

Finally, here is the working idea:

Main Screen
|--- Checkout ruleset
|--- Rules are parsed into individual files for individual editing and syntax checking
|--- In the future, you'd be allowed to check out rulesets on different systems
|--- Save currently checked-out ruleset.
|--- this will remerge the files into the single pf.conf
|--- Edit Filter rules (what I have mostly currently done)
|--- Edit Rules
|--- Delete Rules
|--- Insert a new rule
|--- Edit Queue rules
|--- same options
|--- Edit NAT rules
|--- same options


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