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Re: redirecting packets to a vpn tunnel

Wolfgang Pichler wrote:
> Our own internal net is - i'd now like my firewall to
> redirect packets coming from with destination address
> to go over the vpn tunnel.
Assuming you've configured your tunnel(s) correctly, both firewalls
should have routes to the corresponding side; i.e. your firewall will
have a static route for the network and packets from your
LAN should automatically go across. For example, a "netstat -rnf encap"
on my office firewall shows:
[email protected] ~> netstat -rnf encap
Routing tables
Source             Port  Destination        Port  Proto
SA(Address/Proto/Type/Direction)     0  0     0     0  0     0     0  0     0     0   0     0
The boxes at and reach the network over the VPN tunnel. Check out your SAs and see
what flows you actually have configured.