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Re: PF "$if:network" syntax with more than one interface IP.

$if:network:0 will only grab the network for the primary address;
ignoring aliases.  not sure if there's a way to grab a specific alias
through some other syntax.
On Mon, 2004-07-05 at 14:29, Per-Olov Sjöholm wrote:
> Hi !
> I have used "$if:network" and "$if:broadcast" much to avoid specifying macros 
> with IP addresses. However... I have recently fixed me a second public IP on 
> my internet interface. Now I see the limitations with this and have to go 
> back and specify the IP:s directly in pf.conf (for the Internet interface..) 
> as I don't want both my public IP:s expanded in the ruleset. If I specify 
> "$if:network" both addresses are expanded....
> The question:
> Is is possible to fix the interface a'la Solaris where you can specify 
> interfaces for example "hme0:1", "hme0:2" etc where you have a separate 
> interface name for each IP on the same physical interface.. Then it would 
> still be possible to use the syntax above that I really like.
> Thanks
> Per-Olov
Jason Opperisano <[email protected]>