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Re: pfctl ruleset optimizer. testers needed

The second version of the diff has been put up.  With feedback from
[email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]  Plus a few bugs fixed from the people who
submitted their rulesets.
I NEED MORE RULESETS.  I've found things with a ruleset as small as 12
lines.  So please send me your rulesets no matter how small they are.
Would Checkpoint offer to tune FW-1 for your exact configuration?
  # mailx -s "PF ruleset" [email protected] < /etc/pf.conf
The updated version of the diff is at:
And my last attempt to cajole you.  [email protected] isn't allowed to drink any
more beer until you have sent in your ruleset.  So quick, hurry, before
it's too late!