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Re: pf macro syntax problems

Francis A. Vidal wrote:

I think you're missing a comma in between $host1 and $host2. It should

all_hosts = "{ $host1, $host2 }"

This hasn't been true for some time. The comma is optional.

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Subject: pf macro syntax problems

According to the pf FAQ:

        Macros can be defined recursively. Since macros are not expanded
        quotes the following syntax must be used:

                host1 = ""
                host2 = ""
                all_hosts = "{" $host1 $host2 "}"

However when one tries to use this syntax to create a list of networks
a syntax error occurs when checking the rule set using pfctl:

# cat nets.conf

        netA = ""
        netB = ""
        netC = ""
        nets = "{" $netA $netB $netC "}"

        # pfctl -nvf ./nets.conf
        netA = ""
        netB = ""
        netC = ""
        ./nets.conf:5: syntax error

This is covered in the archives. Search for "recursive macro" or something along those lines.