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Re: urgent: rdr issue

On Fri, Jun 25, 2004 at 09:27:04AM -0400, David Magda wrote:
> My network layout it as follows:
>                     _____
>                    |    |-- tun0   (PPPoE, dynamic IP)
>   Internal  -- de0 | GW |>  192.168.108/24    |    |-- rl0    (static IP)
>                    ------
> The default route is for traffic to go out of tun0.
It's a routing issue. I changed the default route to rl0's gateway
and it works fine. I can connect to both external interfaces and get
the internal host.
I have some confusion now: why does it always work with the tun0
interface, but with rl0 the default route has to be changed?