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Re: quest for ifstated

On Mon, 21 Jun 2004, Lars Hansson wrote:
> You dont have to create a frankenstein tree for this. Just get the
> ifstated files from current cvs and build on stable, it builds just
> fine.
So let me see if I follow:
$ mkdir ~/ifstated && cd ~/ifstated
$ CVSROOT=<favorite_mirror> cvs checkout src/usr.sbin/ifstated
$ cd src/usr.sbin/ifstated
$ make
This is actually what I've done, so now I have an ifstated binary to play
with.  But my question is, what I read into the Flavors FAQ, what happens
if there's a new kernel mod that ifstated depends on?  I'm only following
the tiniest niche of -current, otherwise my box is -stable.  Any
suggestions, caveats, slaps opside the head?
Also, where can I lurk to find out more about ifstated?  I understand it's
brand-spanking-new, so asking for more man pages right this minute is like
asking for that slap opside the head -- but is there an active mailing
list where ifstated issues are currently under discussion?
Thanks for your time,