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quest for ifstated

The further I dig into pf, pfsync, and carp, the more impressed I get.  
It's like a carrot on a stick (so what does that make me?) leading me to
greater functionality and robustness in my application, which is a fully
redundant firewall policy point.  The current carrot has ifstated
inscribed on its side.
However, I have hit a brick wall, in that ifstated is on -current and I'm
unwilling/unable to jump off my -stable 3.5.  I've read Mr. Hartmeier's
roasting of Mr. Mesry's "frankenstein" source tree
(http://www.benzedrine.cx/pf/msg04612.html) so rather than joining the
misery I thought I should avoid the pitfall.  Does that mean I wait until
3.6 to have ifstated in a -stable tree?  ("YES!" roars the maddened
[ Pause, reflect on http://www.openbsd.org/faq/faq5.html#Flavors ]
As I see it, my options are: 
  1.) invite the wrath of Frankenstein by attempting to use ifstated
      within 3.5 -stable
  2.) bump my production system from -stable to -current (i'm very 
  3.) stick to -stable, do without ifstated, wait for 3.6 release
Any other options that I missed?  Comments, caveats, on what I've listed?
    thanks for your time,