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RE: How do I allow packages from internal net to go back to internal server?

On Thu, 2004-06-17 at 14:01, Richard C. Isaacson wrote:
> Why not set up an internal DNS server that is the master for the domain 
> that you list in dyndns?
I must admit that I have not done my RTFM on that one. Can you say in
two words how it is done for dummies?
You can "cheat" as I have and simply add the dnsname (jules.dyndns.org) to
the /etc/hosts file of the client machine and point that to the LAN IP of
your linux box.  If you have any XP boxes just edit the hosts file with the
same information.
I plan to get djbdns working properly, but it solved my problems for now.
// Jeff