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Re: web interface?

Thanks all for the insightful comments. You've given me some extra things to look out for and some ideas for how to procede in the near future. I do believe there is a need for this, so I will keep working on it in my spare time, hopefully no one trumps me on this one due to me being overworked ;)

Currently I'm very early in the development of this, I basically coded for one night before I made my post to the list, and I was busy till now to reply. The only thing I have done is a rule generation page, which gives most of the options I think people would like: the only thing really lacking is the route-to option. Currently the program grabs the list of interfaces from ifconfig for the rule generation, and it parses out all the queues available from the conf and lets you add them to the rule.

Next up is parsing out rules and feeding them to this page so you can modify existing rules, and also the queue generation/parsing. I'll be working on that this week.

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