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Re: web interface?

[email protected] [[email protected]] wrote:
> James Cammarata writes:
> >...This of course has many 
> >inherent risks so it's definitely just a thought right now, but Cisco does 
> >it and I'll be damned if they do something we can't do ;)
> Just becuase Cisco is doing doesn't mean they are doing it right,
> or that it should be done. For example, my first question would be,
> does it have to be a web interface? If a security minded IT Manager
> is going to have to take many extra steps to make sure the thing is
> locked down or not use it at all, they'll most likely choose the
> latter, no? 
No, you would be suprised. I have spoken to a lot of IT managers, CSO
etc. and they would choose former. No matter what I say, no matter what
I do and use, lots of them will choose gui/html over ssh/vi...
Some people just do like nice and colorful GUIs and prefer them to clean, simle and secure.
Petr R.