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Re: Pfsync not working

Le 9 juin 04, à 22:26, Chris Golubski a écrit :


looks pretty straight forward. I'm at the scratching-my-head phase.

I think you make de mistake :


Firewall 1 - master(OpenBSD 3.5):


#/etc/hostname.fxp0(PFSYNC if):
inet NONE


Firewall 2 - backup(OpenBSD 3.5):


#/etc/hostname.xl0(PFSYNC if):
inet NONE

You have same ip on all pfsync if...

I really think that's why you get that :

/bsd: duplicate IP address  sent from Ethernet address


BTW, is it necessary to assign an ip to pfsync interface (this is a good question for pf gurus ?)


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