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Re: pf and snmp

On 8 Jun 2004 10:23:04 -0700, [email protected] (j knight) wrote:
>Matthijs Bomhoff wrote:
>> As I will need to use SNMP for some of the production code however, I 
>> was wondering to what extend it would be possible to control pf and/or 
>> the routing table in OpenBSD over SNMP using readily available software. 
>> Does anybody know of software to control pf over SNMP?
>I am currently working on a MIB and the associated code that will extend 
>the ucd-snmp in ports to be able to pull pf stats.
[Big Round of applause to Mr Kinght]
> I just need to finish 
>up the bit that handles pf's tables and then I'd like to show it to the 
>community for their input, comments, etc.
Please do, I'll set my jffnms install here loose on it ;-). 
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