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pf and snmp

For a project I'm working on at the moment, I need to control several active networking components such as routers and switches from a central server. Most of the components involved seem to be able to communicate over SNMP, so this seems to be the logical way to go. Sadly, at home where I do most of my development work, I don't have such routers and switches available.

About a week ago I implemented a test setup for this project using an openbsd box with pf, I use pftabled (http://wolfermann.org/pftabled.html) for remotely changing tables in pf and this works perfectly.

As I will need to use SNMP for some of the production code however, I was wondering to what extend it would be possible to control pf and/or the routing table in OpenBSD over SNMP using readily available software. Does anybody know of software to control pf over SNMP?

kind regards,

Matthijs Bomhoff