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authpf not inserting rules (-current)?

Now I'm not ruling out user stupidity, but authpf does not seem to be
inserting any rules as of my last build on Fri Jun  4 21:59:05 PDT
2004.  I know it worked just fine in my previous build of -current
around May 15.
Authentication works just fine, and I got my authpf-specified message
banner, but my rules aren't inserting (checking with pfctl -s rules).  I
never checked for the authpf_users table previously, but when I check
now (pfctl -t authpf_users -T show) it doesn't exist (I don't know if it
should be there, or if that's optional).
Please let me know if I've missed something blindingly obvious, because
I'd sure like to be able to use my W/LAN again.