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Re: carp and pf

for your rules you have to use the physically interface not the carp
interface (but if you like to refer to the ip addresses associated with
the carp interface then you have to take the carp interface)
best regards
Am Do, den 03.06.2004 schrieb Bryan Irvine um 22:30:
> I'm rebuilding our company firewall using pf and carp (instead of the
> 3.4 install using pf) and I'm wodnering if I need to use carp0 in my
> rules?
> example
> pass in on $LAN any to any keep state
> where $LAN == carp1, would I also need to do 
> pass in on carp0 any to any?
> Do I need to reference the carp interfaces at all in my pf rules?
> --Bryan