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Re: Spamd log analyzer

> I am running OpenBSD 3.5 on a mail server, using postfix with pf and
> spamd redirection.  I have syslog setup to redirect log info from spamd
> to a separate log file.  I was hoping someone knows of a spamd log
> analyzing tool that I could run via cron and receive an email spamd
I'm running into similar concerns -- trying to parse out the logs from -v
(full debugging) to get a taste of the messages that are being trapped.
Hopefully, if this works out, I'll have a script that will sort out the
messages, per sender, and send these to my spam filter.  This way, if I
block an IP which later sends me good mail, I can quit blocking it.
Unfortunately, my Perl skills are horrible.  Yesterday I built a bit of a
Frankenstein's monster.  However, he does shuffle about and parses the files
a bit, so if you're interested I have some introductory code.
Also, I use pfloggsumm.pl to do mail reporting, so I might either adapt that
or mimic it against the spamd logs to provide similar function if I ever get
good at this stuff. :)
-- Seth
> Thanks,
> Mark