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ftp server & DMZ

Hi all,
After upgrade my OpenBSD to 3.5 i have problem with ftp server standing on
In 3.4 i use ftp-proxy with http://www.benzedrine.cx/ftp-proxy-reverse.diff
patch and it work's weel.
But after upgrade i can't run reverse ftp-proxy. In logs i have:
when I am using ftp-proxy from 3.5 (without any changes), with -a option:
May 15 00:20:57 eta -a[18983]: accepted connection from
some.externa.host:53111 to external.adres:21
May 15 00:20:57 eta -a[8921]: pf nat lookup failed (No
such file or directory)
when I am using ftp-proxy from 3.4 witch reverse patch, with -R option there
is this same error in logs.
Any idea where is the problem?