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Re: Borrowing in OpenBSD 3.3

I've just made up a machine which is having OpenBSD
3.5 and did the same test as I said before. 
The result came out with no success. The borrowing is
still not working even in 3.5. 
Does anyone have any success story with this? If yes,
could you please can you post you configuration so I
can try it out? 
Best regards, 
--- Can Erkin Acar <[email protected]> wrote:
> On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 09:13:52AM -0700, Alex
> Berdan wrote:
> > Hello, 
> > I have read the lists and I found somebody
> speaking
> > about this Borrowing not working but there is no
> > conclusion about that! 
> > I'm running OpenBSD 3.3 and as the other guy I'm
> > trying to do borrowing which is not working as
> > expected (the way that is described in the man). 
> > 
> > Is this already fixed in the OpenBSD 3.5? May be I
> > should plan an upgrade in that case. 
> Many things changed since 3.3 and I am pretty sure
> borrowing works in 3.5. Since 3.3 is no longer
> supported
> you should plan an upgrade to 3.5-stable in any
> case.
> Csn
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