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Routing public IP addresses through privale lan.


I am planning the following network design:

I have a network of DHCP servers (routers with a DHCP server really) hosted on an private addressing space, this DHCP servers are going to assign public IP addreses, so here comes my problem, how can I route this addresses from the machine really connected to the internet downstream to the corresponding private address of the router which will assign that IP address?. The reason which I am using private addressing on dhcp servers is that my addressing space is really limited (I guess as everybody) and using external IP'addresses on routers would hace two problems, first is insecurity and secondwaste of addressing space.

Any ideas on how to do this?. Does the "route-to" parameter help?¿.

Now my second problem is the following:

Suppose this routers & DHCP servers (same machine) are really wireless access points which are going to assign public addresses to wireless customers, what method I could use to update dinamic routes, I guess some dinamic routing protocol (BGP?, RIP? or OSPF?) would help but dont really know wich one, and my other problem is that my wireless access points do not support this routing protocols, so I guess I would have to make some weird things with an expect script to reconfigure those access points through console access (I know it sounds kind of strange).

Any ideas?.

Thanks in advance.

Mario Lopez <[email protected]>