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Re: OpenBSD Router & Carp

On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 01:33:35PM -0400, Amir S Mesry wrote:
> Is that for current, if so my next insane question would be, would it
> compile with the 3.5 release sources.
Let's see, the first question can be answered using the link provided:
The revision tagged as OPENBSD_3_5_BASE is 1.44, that's what's in
3.5 release.
  Revision 1.44
The change mentioned happened in
  Revision 1.45
  CVS Tags: HEAD
so it happened after 3.5 was tagged, and hence is not part of 3.5
The answer to the next question is: possibly. Backporting -current
features (not bugfixes) to -stable is of little value to developers. You
will not be able to supply useful feedback in case there are problems, as
you'll have a frankensteined tree. As you'll be the only one profiting
from the work (which grows which every -stable bugfix you'll have to
merge in and possibly resolve conflicts for), you'll have to do it
Another question would be: is a -stable system frankensteined by
backporting some -current features potentially more stable than a
straight -current? Not necessarily. Basically, if you're willing to
trade stability for features, run straight -current. If you run into
problems with -current, at least others will, too, and things get fixed.
If you still want to do it, you first have to find the full CVS commit
message, so you get a list of all files changed by that commit:
Then pull the diff for each file (through cvs or cvsweb) and try to
apply it, then rebuild. It's possible that one change relies on earlier
changes, which you'll then have to backport in the same way. Repeat
until you have all dependencies.
Sounds cumbersome? Well, it's cumbersome for anyone doing it (even for
the developer that wrote the feature it would mean a couple of hours of
rather bleak exercise), that's why it's rarely done (read: when paid for
very well) ;)