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RE: OpenBSD Router & Carp

On Wed, 5 May 2004, Amir S Mesry wrote:
> I haven't written it yet, I was waiting a bit for a response. I looked
> at ifstated, but it seems it won't be available until 3.6 at least, so
> unless I am mistaken which is highly possible, the examples of redundant
> firewalls will not work completely because carp won't switch both
> interfaces over when only 1 fails.
Check the last commit message for ip_carp.c:
  So if one of the carp interfaces is known to be bad (because the
  physical interface it's associated with is bad), all the other carp
  interfaces back off: they won't preempt, and their advskew goes to 240.
End quote.
I haven't tested it yet, but it sounds to me like that's what you want. :)