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Re: Unburstable shaping

Bruno Miguel Afonso wrote lots of interesting hints.
Thankyou Bruno, I'll do some work on a system next weekend and put your
hints into practice. It sure looks like it will choke down to dial-up
What it made me wonder about, that I never thought of before, is what
exactly happens to an ISP with a fat pipe to a fast webserver and with
a dial-up customer where you don't need an altq to make it slow. All
those packets your reply showed are being paid for inbound and then
I'm glad I'm doing this for a classroom demo because I'd rather not
think about paying for dropping a mass of packets on a t1 just to choke
a customer who has gone over his limit. Or do they do it some other
Anyway thanks for what looks like a solution to my task.
>From the land "down under": Australia.
Do we look <umop apisdn> from up over?
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