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OpenBSD Router & Carp

I was wondering if anyone has tested the following scenario
Say I have 2 machines omega0 and omega1.
They have ip addresses & ( on fxp0 and
carp0, as well as & ( on fxp1
carp1 respectively
As you can see they are on 2 different subnets and they route between
My question is using carp has anyone tested the link/route redundancy as
For Example, Omega0's fxp0 fails, but its fxp1 does not, is there any
way to have carp see that fxp0 is down and switch both carp0 & carp1 to
omega1's addresses?
I am thinking I will have to write a script to get this done, but I
thought I would ask before I wrote one.
Amir Mesry
[email protected]
Cadillac Jack, Inc.
Network & Systems Administrator
2420 Meadowbrook Parkway
Duluth, GA 30096