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Re: Traffic shaping in two directions on bridge

Bruno Afonso said:
> Henning Brauer wrote:
>>>This means that over 90% of all
>>>bridge examples I have seen on the net where queueing takes place in two
>>>directions are wrong.
>> that may be the case.
> You can simply queue on the outgoing of the INTERNAL interface to limit
> download bandwidth. That's why normally people queue on both interfaces.
Why queue on both interfaces if you want to limit only the download? Maybe
tag the packets on the Internet interface but use altq on the lan
Isn't that one of the basics to queue on the interface where the packet
leaves the firewall? Did you mix up tagging and the queuing itself? Or did
I miss something here? Then somebody can be nice to correct me...
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What you write can be found in the PF FAQ and the man pages which of
course is the place where everyone should start to look before posting.
But it seems like many people think they can enable altq on just one
interface because it's a bridge, even though they filter both incoming and
outgoing traffic. And good bridge examples with queueing is not easy to
find. Well... not correct ones.
The reason for the posting the first time was that the FAQ said it was
highly recommended to do the main filtering for a bridge on just one
interface. And then I first thought (as I couldn't find much bridge info)
that it could also affect the queuing in some strange way. But that is
obviously not the case.
/Per-Olov Sjöholm