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Re: ichat av

Hi Ali,

I've only managed to be able to get a single ichat av session from behind my openbsd firewall to work, by port forwarding the appropriate UDP ports directly to the mac behind the firewall. The following pf fragments do the trick (this was found via google):

# computer which will be doing ichat-av

# redirect ichatty stuff
rdr on $EXT  proto udp from any to ($EXT) port 5060 -> $ICHATCLIENT
rdr on $EXT  proto udp from any to ($EXT) port 16384:16403 -> $ICHATCLIENT

Of course, normal ichat text works through NAT without all this.

ali asad lotia wrote:
i know folks who have gotten multiple ichat av sessions going through a single natted net connection.

Hmm... I quit when I got one to work, since that was enough for me. But I'd be really interested in how they did this, maybe you could ask them?