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hello all
i use openbsd (just upgraded to 3.5) for my nat/firewall machine. this machine is connected to a comcast cable connection. i was wondering if it is possible to use apples ichat av through a pf nat/firewall.

the reason i ask is because apple has this page up about using ichat av with firewalls
i opened the network ports specified in this document, but could not establish an audio or video chat connection.
apple also has information about which routers are compatible with ichat av
while i was rooting around for information, i also came across the natcheck utility which tests if the nat device is p2p friendly.
i get the following results when i run it

Address translation: NAPT (Network Address and Port Translation)
Consistent translation: NO (BAD for peer-to-peer)
Unsolicited messages filtered: YES (GOOD for security)

my knowledge of the subtleties of nat and packet filtering is far from extensive. is it possible to get consistent translation with pf? when i do a google search for
"openbsd nat consistent translation" i get a post by ryan mcbride on the pf mailing list
however, it seems that sticky connections and the consistency ryan refers to is for clients connecting to a pool of servers behind a nat gateway acting as a load balancer. it does not help with this issue.

i have tried to remove all packet filtering rules from /etc/pf.conf and only have
nat on $ext_if from $int_net to any -> $ext_if
and i get the same results when i run the previously mentioned natcheck utility, so i know it is not a function of any packet filtering that i am doing.
i have also tried to append "random sticky-address" to the end of my nat directive and i still get the same results from natcheck.

i know folks who have gotten multiple ichat av sessions going through a single natted net connection.

i love using openbsd and have been really impressed with what my gateway machine can do compared to a prebuilt linksys or netgear box. being able to use ichat av would be a great bonus.

thanks in advance
ali asad lotia