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queue & rdr

I'm wondering if it could be possible to apply a redirect rule on the low 
delay queue that's automatically created using 2 queue names.
Quoting: "Normally only one queue name is given with the queue keyword, but if 
a second name is specified that queue will be used for packets with a Type of 
Service (ToS) of low-delay and for TCP ACK packets with no data payload." 
I would like to handle in different way every TCP ACK with data and those 
without data.
At the moment PF doesn't support any packet [1], payload [?] or stream [2] 
size filter, so I thought to use the queue one ;-)
Is this possible ?
[1] http://experimental.bug.it/patches/pf-size.patch
[2] http://www.benzedrine.cx/pf/msg04055.html