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Max table size and Composite Blocking List - 3.4 stable

Anyone getting the Composite Blocking List to load into a table in PF,
the 1.4 million lines seems to be too much.  PF seems to complain that
there isn't enough memory when loading it manually, using:
pfctl -t spamd -Tr -f spamd.cbl
Box has 1Gb of ram and about 1Gb of swap on i386.
Running spamd-setup it seems to load the 1.4 million lines into spamd
but fails when it loads the spamd table into my pf ruleset.
What is the max table size that pf can handle, has this changed in
3.5?  Spam seems to be getting worse the past week and would like to
be able to use the CBL instead of just spamhaus and spews.