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Re: carp alias / system crash

i think i now have found out what was causing the below described
problem. I have a setup as described in
I now found out that if the two machines are running (and syncing there
states with pfsync - and sending out carp advertisments) and you assign
an alias to one of the machines but not to the other one - then the
system starts to kill itself (it gets overloaded - espacialy the time
needed for interrupts is going high). But if you add the same ip also to
the second box then it will work
best regards
Am Do, den 22.04.2004 schrieb Wolfgang Pichler um 11:42:
> hi all,
> i've now nearly managed all of my problems - but one problem still
> remain.
> For testing i've only used one external ip address assigned to carp0 -
> now i've try to assign a second one then after a few seconds my system
> got unreachable and then it will reboot automatically.
> When i disable the packet filter with pfctl -d and then assign more
> addresses - then everything will work fine until i reenable the packet
> filter.
> As far as i read it should be no problem to use multiple ip addresses
> with the carp interface.
> Does anyone know what went wrong here ?
> attached my pf.conf and my rc
> best regards
> Wolfgang