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Re: Traffic shaping in two directions on bridge

* Per-Olov Sjöholm <[email protected]> [2004-04-23 23:21]:
> This is fact:
> * Queue on the outgoing interface
> * On a bridge it is according to the FAQ at OpenBSD "STRONGLY" recommended
> to filter on just ONE interface and pass everything on the other. (Have
> not read that much to take a debate on this...)
but there's nor much relation between those two.
you can filter on just one interface and queue on all.
you just classify unsing pf, adding mbuf tags telling the queueing 
code (which lives much further down the chain) where to enqueue. wether 
you write the tag on the same interface as the queues lives on or not 
doesn't matter (except for the packets leave kernel land in between, 
aka ftp-proxy etc, obviously).
> As said, I am not sure how the bridge behaves with queuing.
there is no real difference to the normal forwarding case.
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