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Re: PF HFSC - need help with rules

>>>>> "Miroslav" == Miroslav Kubik <[email protected]> writes:
Miroslav> I'll be very happy for any advice.
Have you tried using a linkshare specification in addition to your
realtime specification? I think that you could do something like:
  queue 21 hfsc(realtime (128Kb 5000 64Kb) linkshare (0Kb 5000 64Kb)
    upperlimit 128Kb)
It is my understanding that this guarantees 128Kb with no borrowing
during the first five seconds, 64Kb after that with the possibility of
borrowing up-to 64Kb (with a maximum total capacity of 128Kb) from the
parent queue.
You can probably simplify it by writing
  queue 21 hfsc(realtime (128Kb 5000 64Kb) linkshare 64Kb upperlimit 128Kb)
as the upperlimit parameter will limit the bandwidth borrowed from the
parent queue anyway.
Samuel Tardieu -- [email protected] -- http://www.rfc1149.net/sam