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Re: Wish - New option for traffic shaping

>>>>> "jared" == jared r r spiegel <[email protected]> writes:
jared> *please*, someone chime in and correct me if my "definitions"
jared> of upperlimit/ linkshare/realtime are not correct.  ( or if
jared> anything else i say is wrong, i don't think i am wrong, but i
jared> do not insist i am right )
This is how I also understand things after having read everything I
found available on hfsc on the net.
However, there is one thing I do not understand: what is the use of
the bandwidth parameter? I understand upperlimit/linkshare/realtime
just as you do, but I fail to see the use of bandwidth.
Is it used for hierarchical queues?
Samuel Tardieu -- [email protected] -- http://www.rfc1149.net/sam