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Traffic shaping in two directions on bridge

Hi !
If you have a std firewall not set up as a bridge everything is clear
(shape on the outgoing interface).
But if you want to shape traffic on both directions on a bridge ?
I am about to try bridging for a setup where we want to shape traffic
without changing the network topology and put this bridge between the
Company FW and the ISP router. If it breaks we can simply remove it...
Let say fxp1 is on the outside and fxp0 on the inside.
Will you then pass everything in both directions on fxp0 and do ALL rules
and shaping on fxp1 no matter of direction?
Will the shaping work in the bridge case for traffice coming IN to fxp1 ?
Is there any guidelines for bridge setups with PF ?
What is the wise way in this setup ?