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Network address rewriting

Hello all,
I'm having the most amazing trouble getting a bit of address re-writing to
What I want to do is as follows:
(quick diag first)
           fxp1   | OpenBSD  | fxp0
        ----------|   3.4    |---------   |  i386    |
Now, traffic arriving in on fxp0 going to needs to have its
destination address changed to and its source address changed
to (where the host parts of the networks are the same as the
e.g. A packet arrives in on fxp0 destined to coming from This should leave fxp1 with the destination set to and
the source address of
Packets arriving in on fxp1 destined to coming from
should leave on fxp0 going to with the source as
I have tried binat, rdr, straight nat and various combinations thereof. The
closest i managed was to get the fxp0 -> fxp1 direction working, but the
bitmask was working on the destination address.
Is this possible and any ideas how I can do this?
Thanks for your time and patience
 -- joe.
Joe Warren-Meeks
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